Capittana, founded in October 2014, is a Peruvian swimwear brand for women.  Beginning as a small startup, the brand has managed to satisfy the female demand for new, unique and high-quality products.  In February 2015, Capittana launched the male branch, Capittana MAN, designed exclusively for the comfort, agility, and style of men.

Capittana, a Spanish word for “Female Captain”, is pretty much the definition of what empowering women is all about. It represents a strong, confident and independent woman who lives life with passion. 

Known for its innovative and fashion-forward designs, Capittana constantly seeks exclusive options that reflect the incredible life that their costumers want to live. A unique combination of prints, fabrics, and out of the box proposals are part of the competitive advantage.

The Founders are risk takers. They prefer to innovate, execute and deliver. Their strong sense of entrepreneurship is the driving force for growth. There is a long way ahead, and the Capitteam is ready for the journey. 

Raffaella & Stefano